Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring, my annoying dog is snoring...

My brain and body have pretty much taken all that they can take today, so I can finally update my blog!!

This past weekend was Campus Harvest. It's a huge conference for college students that is held once a year in Durham. There is awesome praise and worship and many speakers to listen too. Two speakers that I look forward to every single year are Lynette Lewis and Jim Laffoon. Lynette is a power house! Not to mention that she always has the cutest shoes!! I seriously would love to have her drive one day and impact the fitness/athletics field of work. It would be awesome! One thing she talked about was the value of friendship. It's important to surround yourself with friends who will lift you up and challenge you! I value the very few and true friends I have that build me up as a person and as a woman walking with Jesus. There are very few people who really know the real Sarah. I think that's important. I believe you shouldn't show many people the true depths of your heart, which can make it extremely hard to open up and it's a challenge that I am trying to overcome! :)
Jim Laffoon spoke on relationships and intimacy. There were a few points he made that really got me thinking. The first one was the misconception that "only God is enough." Yeah, when I read that I was thinking exactly what you're probably thinking. "What in the world, yes He is!" Technically, yes, it is true... but if it were all around true, we wouldn't be desiring relationship with other human beings- especially significant others. I don't know about you, but I greatly desire a relationship with a significant other, but I believe God wants it that way. If He didn't want that, then He wouldn't of created man and woman! The second point was the misconception that only people are enough. I believe this is the end of the spectrum that most people are stuck on- having the mind set that having a good friend or romantic relationship will give them the fulfillment they're looking for. Not true.
There has to be a healthy balance between God and relationships with other people. He wants us to have relationships, but He wants our heart also. He is the only one that can truly fulfill all of the fulfillment that I am looking and desiring for.
The last point that he made is the one that really got me thinking. He was talking about how he and his wife had been married almost 34 years. He gave us the secret to their success: remembering that they are not God. I thought to myself, "well of course, I know that a man is not God." Yes, I know that, but do I truly believe it? Well, I can tell you now that I've prayed and dwelled on it the last few days, yes. I do believe that a boyfriend is not my God, but I was surprised at how I had to change my mindset to actually believe that.
  Do not look for fulfillment in any kind of relationship- whether it be friendship or exclusive. One quote that stuck out to me from Pastor Jim was, "don't make each other gods- you'll wind up disappointed and they'll wind up bitter."

In other news, I got a car!! Not only that, but my parents drove three hours to deliver it to me! How awesome is that?! I have named my car Mo (short for Mo-lissa, yes... Mo-lissa) and she is a wonderful car!  I am very blessed to have the king of negotiating as my father! My daddy is just awesome... I can never say that enough. I do not deserve to have such a wonderful daddy!

So what else do I do on a rainy day when I am tired of reading... I take the love language quiz. Or at least today I did. I defied the odds too! It is extremely rare that someone has a tie for their top love language and BAM I did it! Words of affirmation and quality time. Good stuff. So, if you love me... say something nice and take me out to lunch. HA. just kidding, but not really... :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The adventure continues!

There are so many things that have happened over the last week... it's crazy! Some bad but mostly all good!  :) This post is about to turn into a bullet point post...

  • The car search continues! It's been quite exciting for the most part. It's been difficult not having a car, simply because I have always had one. I have become quite the master at "bus hopping." Meaning, I must take multiple busses a day to get to my destination. It's like a race, but no one else knows that it's a race. Needless to say, I win every time :) 
  • Highlight of my car search so far: I went to test drive a car with my friend Theresa. We went looking for a car salesman and his name was Duane. He showed me the cars available and asked me why I was looking for one. I proceeded to tell him that I totaled my car and all that jazz. He laughed. Why do you laugh about that? I don't know. Anyway, we get in the car and start driving down the road. He asked me if I'd like to take the car out on the interstate to see if I felt safe, I agreed that it was probably a good idea. So, we head out to the interstate and he says, "yes ma'am, feel free to drive as fast as you'd like, change lanes and even run the car into a ditch to see if it comes out on the other side... just make sure we make it out to the other side." So, most of you are probably thinking, "What a jerk!" In all honesty, I couldn't stop laughing (which isn't necessarily good since I was going 75 down an interstate). Anyway, yeah... Duane the car salesman wins entertainer of the week in the car sales category. Good for you, Duane, good for you. 
  • This week, amongst all of my pouting, complaining and feeling sorry for myself, I believe God is teaching me what is truly means to be thankful. I'm not spoiled rotten, but I must say that I had it good growing up. I always had everything that I needed and had many things that I wanted. I got a car before I turned sixteen and then got another one when I turned eighteen. I was grateful for all of those things, but now I have a new appreciation for "conveniences." It is really tough going from having a car since I've been able to drive to unexpectedly not having one at all. I am learning what it's like not to have a car, and I am surviving just fine. Am I looking forward to getting a car? You better believe it. I will be one happy camper, but I am realizing that I can survive without it. I don't "need" all of things that I thought I did. More importantly, I am more grateful for the things that I have than I've ever been. It's been good. 
  • MY ROOMMATES GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!!! After all of the stress, freaking out and thinking they would not make the cut...they made it! I'm such a proud roomie. We celebrated, we celebrated good. Cookie skillet! Heck yes! :) 
  • I saved the most exciting for last. I can't believe it.... I'm now officially in a relationship with the coolest person I know. How awesome is that?! He caught my eye in August of 2009.  I do not know what I have done to get someone so awesome to like me, but I am sure glad it worked! For all of you that know me real well, you know that I always picked on people who were all giggly around a guy they liked and said it was weird. I have a confession: I giggled about it last night. Yes, Sarah Melton giggled like a little school girl.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I can't seem to do anything simple...

Spring Break is over and I think it's safe to say that I ended it with quite a bang...

I was driving back to school in the inside lane of the highway, minding my own business, with a Dodge Durango in front of me and 3 humvee army vehicles to my right. The man driving the Durango (who by far won the most annoying person of the day award) decided to slow down ridiculously fast so that his kids could look at the military vehicles... leaving Graceful (that'd be me) to slam on breaks in order to slow down fast enough. (I was on cruise control going 72 in a 65... speeding but keeping with the flow of traffic). Well, ABS breaks kicked in and my car apparently did not feel like stopping. I tried to get between the durango and the humvees (I drive a small car). Well, that plan of attack was working until the humvee hit my back bumper and I lost control of the car. At this point all I remember is screaming "JESUS" over and over again at the top of my lungs. Thankfully, instead of hitting another car, I run into the ditch off the right side of the road. If I would've swerved any other way, I would've been as good as dead. I remember finally stopping after what felt like 5 minutes, I kept my hands on the steering wheel and just told God "Thank You." Then I did what any other girl would do...I called my Daddy! As I'm on the phone with my dad, the army people come and ask me if I was okay (which I was, praise God!) Then Mr. Dodge Durango decides he's going to pull over, get out of his car and tease me a bit. 2 words: Bad Idea. He basically told me that I shouldn't of had my music so loud and I shouldn't have been on my cell phone.
1. I wasn't on my phone
2. How do you know how loud my music was, were you in the car? I don't think so!
So, after I had had enough with redneck durango man, I forced myself to go lock myself in my car until the patrolman got there. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to hit mr. durango man. It was extremely frustrating. About 10 minutes later, the highway patrolman gets out there. Who proceeds to run after the patrolman to tell the story? You got it... durango man. He tells him that I was on my cell phone and was going 85-90 miles an hour. I WAS ON CRUISE CONTROL. I couldn't have been going 90... unless he was going 90 too. Anyway...
Of course I got charged at fault of the wreck. It was my fault. My Aunt Carrie came to my rescue! She picked me up and got a tow truck to take my car away to be fixed. Then my wonderful friend, Michael (also the coolest person I know), came and rescued me by picking up me, with all of my stuff, and took me back to Greenville! What a nice guy, right? :)
I am happy to say that I just got off of the phone with my insurance company and they are going to take care of everything and my charges are going to be dropped! WOO! *insert happy dance here*

One really neat thing that happened with the wreck is that I had two people praying for me because they felt that I was going to be in a wreck. They will never know how grateful I am for them praying for my safety. Yesterday (the day after the accident) I had my melt down. I had a wonderful friend there for me, though. I am so grateful for God protecting me that day. It was by far one of the scariest things I've ever experienced.

On a lighter note, spring break was wonderful! I enjoy spending time with my family! If only ECU and my hometown were closer.

Now it's time to get back into the swing of things. I haven't worked out in a week and today I go back to doing what EXSS does... work out class. This week will be a rude awakening after not exercising for a week, but I'm determined to get my act together before summer!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm running to Your arms...the goodness of Your love will always be enough

(insert happy dance here)

Anyway... here are the top 5 pros to spring break:
2. I don't have to workout every day
3. Good food!
4. Shopping!
5. My body gets rest!

Top 5 Cons to spring break:
1. I don't have to work out every day
2. Good food
3. What's a calorie? I don't think they exist on spring break...
4. No schedule
5. Shopping! (It makes my wallet hurt...)

I would have to say that the good definitely out weighs the bad! Today has definitely been one of the best days this week... I was reunited with my best friend! I haven't seen Kendall since Christmas break and our schedules are all over the place, so it's very rare that we get to talk through out the semester. It was nice catching up with her about the awesome things that are going on in each others lives! She is one who will squeal, jump up and down and act all excited over life. It's so much fun to be around her! I have been blessed with a wonderful, Godly friend! I definitely would not have gotten through high school without her!

I am having a complete writer's block and have no idea what to talk about. Which is odd... I always have something to talk about...

Yesterday I invested in an awesome piece of workout equipment. Garmin 405cx watch. It's pretty awesome, I must say! I cannot wait until it comes in the mail. It's a personal training watch. It has a GPS that can track your distance when running outside, it monitors heart rate and calculates how many calories you've burned. It also sends your workouts directly to your computer. Oh, and it tells time :D
So yeah, hopefully it'll help me be a bit more hardcore in the aerobic exercise field... I certainly paid enough for this watch, so I better start being hardcore!

I've started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan

You should read it! I thought, "I'll read this book over spring break, no problem..." Ok, I was wrong. I'm still on chapter 1. I read books really fast, but this one I've had to slow down and actually think about it. Needless to say, I'm learning a lot and will share more about it once I get farther into the book... and you can choose to read about it or not! :)