Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had meant to write sooner, but this past week was extremely busy... unfortunately, if contained a huge, tragic and unexpected event.

This is Evan.

Jesus Lover. Leader. Star Football Player. Friend to many. 

Evan went to school with my brother. I remember meeting him once, and you could see life in his eyes. He was genuinely kind. I went to school with one of his sisters and played volleyball with another one of his sisters. I have heard wonderful things about Evan and I wish I could've spent more time around him.

Evan was volunteering at a church reach out event when his life was suddenly and tragically ended. I heard the news of his passing the next morning as soon as I woke up. Even though I didn't know him, I couldn't stop the tears from falling. Evan was my brother's age... I have absolutely no idea what I would do if I woke up one morning and finding out that my brother was never coming home. My heart ached for that precious family. I checked his sister's facebook later that week to see if there were any updates, she expressed her thanks of everyone praying and supporting their family at that time. She knew that she would see her brother again someday. From what people have told me, Evan had a passion and love for the Lord. I am positive that he is in heaven today worshipping and having a blast. 

"We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord." 2 Corinthians 5:8

Jesus brought him home... his permanent home! I will rejoice in knowing that Evan is in a much better place, rejoicing with the Lord! Our spirit wants to be in heaven because it is so much better there. Evan is now in a better place, better than he could have ever possibly imagined while he was here! 

My brother went to a prayer service for the Wolfe family last week. Students from the school gathered together and shared memories. There was one memory that a girl spoke of that has stuck with me since that day. She explained that her and Evan were eating lunch outside the school at picnic tables. She brought up the subject of having a "bucket list," or in other words, things she wanted to do before she died. She named off a list of things, then she turned to Evan and asked him if there was anything he wanted to do before he died. He responded, "No, I have a great life, I don't think there is anything else I would do." Wow, as crazy as this sounds, it brings peace to the situation. It's neat to know that Evan was content and happy with his life. Many people, including myself, could learn from that. 

How much time do we waste trying to improve our life instead of focusing on the Lord and what He has for us? 

I cannot think of any more words to write. Please join me in lifting up the Wolfe family in prayer. 

RIP Evan Wolfe 

Monday, June 20, 2011

SOO much excitement!

I realize it's been a while. (I've noticed that I start a lot of my posts that way... my apologies)!
The first summer semester ends on Wednesday! I can't believe it went by so quickly! I will miss my group fitness class a lot... physics? Not so much! :D

A few weeks ago, a guest speaker came and spoke at VCM. His name is John Allen. I had never heard of him before, and I almost didn't go (I wasn't feeling well, had an extremely busy day and had an exam the following day), but something in my gut told me to go. (Okay, it probably wasn't my gut- it was God). I remember him speaking on the Holy Spirit, which is funny because most of the sermons that I had heard lately were on the power of the Holy Spirit. Maybe God is trying to tell me something? I haven't really been practicing my prayer language lately and haven't really done anything out of the ordinary telling God that I was ready for it. I guess I wasn't feeling like the Holy Spirit could do anything special with me- that was for people like campus ministers, pastors, public speakers etc.

I good and well knew better than that. Isn't it funny how sometimes we believe lies that we absolutely know aren't true? 

Even though the subject of the Holy Spirit was interesting, it wasn't until he was wrapping up his message when the Spirit of God hit me like a ton of bricks. The very lie that I was telling myself was demolished. I don't remember the exact words that he said, but it was something like this: just because you aren't a preacher or campus minister doesn't make you any less Godlier than them. You were created with a purpose, and the Holy Spirit is there to encourage and help you carry out that purpose. This semester I've been in class with a variety of different people who are studying different things. After talking to many of them about their class load and challenging subjects, I started to feel a little under-par? I started asking myself, I'm not breaking down molecules or studying formulas to build a bridge, I'm just studying exercise, not even exercise physiology- just fitness.

After hearing him say that, I felt as though my purpose was renewed. Like there was a sudden reassurance that I was exactly where I needed to be. A few weeks before I moved to college, our pastors wife had a prophetic word for me and I have held it close to my heart ever since. She told me, "you will have the power to break the yolks that have bound people their entire lives." Talk about an awesome and encouraging word! I don't know exactly how that prophecy will be fulfilled, but I believe helping people feel good about themselves, demolishing society's view of what it means to be "beautiful", and showing people how to be healthy is a powerful thing that can break so many bonds. Whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual. He has put this passion in my heart!  I know that I am where God wants me to be. I am doing what He wants me to do. I have to let His spirit empower me, by dying to myself daily, in order to fulfill the purpose He has for my life.

I may not be able to break down and analyze the word, showing you the greek meanings. I may not read every book authored by every great christian theologist, but I believe that my heart is in the right place. I believe that as long as I keep seeking God's face daily, spending time with Him and being obedient, then I am where I am supposed to be.

There is no greater feeling than knowing I am exactly where God wants me to be!

On another note, freshman orientation has started! I remember my freshman orientation like it was yesterday- it's crazy how fast time goes by! I'll be graduating in May! VCM has a table this year where freshman can learn more about it and sign up if they want more information. It has been interesting meeting such a diverse group of people! I am excited for many of them to get involved, and my heart is heavy for those who want nothing to do with Jesus. I am excited for those kids too, though, cause I've heard some mighty awesome stories about people not wanting anything to do with God all of a sudden encountering Him. :)

-Father's Day-
I've blogged about my daddy before. But I find is necessary to mention him again! Yesterday I got to be at home to celebrate Father's Day with my family! My heart is back in my home town with my family. I love being with them! My daddy took me to Target yesterday to buy me some groceries (you know, the expensive ones that I can't afford). We broke down prices with coupons and had a great time! I LOVE hanging out with my daddy! My little brother went with us to town- he will one day make an incredible father too! I'm grateful so be a part of such a close-knit family that loves being together!

These are my wonderful parents last year at the Alabama vs. Tennessee game in Knoxville

-It's almost the big day!!!-
My cousin, Emily, is getting married to her Mr. Right in just a few, short weeks!! I get to be a bridesmaid and share this special day with her, and I couldn't be more excited about it! She had the bridesmaid's luncheon on Saturday and we all had a wonderful time! They had a lady there giving back massages, I had never had one before, mostly because I'm not a fan of being touched. I'm so glad that I got one! I may just have to get another one, as a reward for achieving my next fitness goal or something.

It was relaxing!
The Maid of Honor and Me :)

Bridesmaids with the Beautiful Bride! 

-Speaking of fitness goals-
I have started my BFL (Body for Life) nutrition again after getting pretty lazy over the last few months. It's amazing how eating CLEAN makes you feel so much better! I challenge you to give it a try! Try eating fresh foods, and only eating bad things on weekends (or just one day a week if you have crazy will power)! My goal right now is to become a healthier and stronger individual. The group fitness classes have definitely made me stronger, and I want to keep pushing the limits! Today I ran a mile warm up, then did sprint intervals, box jumps and plyo pushups.
Maybe your motivation and fitness level is different from mine, but whatever they may be- PUSH YOURSELF!

Don't settle once you achieve a goal- push yourself further! There is always room for improvement!

-One last rant that I promised people I would address-
The other day I went shopping because I was in need of some jean shorts. I am very picky to how my clothes fit, especially shorts. I think it's important for ladies to dress like a lady- modest and classy, not attracting the wrong type of attention. I quickly became saddened with the lack of modest shorts that stores were selling. (Note: I am not one of those knee length shorts girls, I like them at my finger tips... sadly, they don't really come that way). I tried on one pair that fit me perfectly, I absolutely loved them. There was just one problem... they must have sold the bottom half of the shorts- because they weren't there. They were closer to a bikini bottom than they were actual shorts. Why do they have to be that way? Sorry, I just have to let out some frustration! I love clothes just as much as any girl, but it's sad when cute, classy clothes are hard to find.
Oh, I did find some shorts. They were longer than I wanted them to be, but better safe than sorry, right?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Riches of Your love will always be enough

This summer is going by a lot faster than I thought it would. Even though I'm busy with school, I find myself with a lot of time to sit back and think. This is something I have hardly any time to do during the school year. There's a few things I've come to realize:

1. I didn't realize how broken I am. Sometimes the best part of being broken, is realizing that you're broken. Jesus is really great at putting the pieces back together. I knew I was having great heart-ache, but now I feel like God is showing me that I can trust Him. I believe this time I am truly letting Him put the pieces back together. I've realized that packing my schedule slam full is not the answer to getting rid of brokenness. I believe God has huge things in store for me this summer. I just have to continue trusting Him with every step! Growing, learning and trusting is very uncomfortable at times, but I am so excited about it! The King of the Universe loves me and that's enough to make my heart soar! :)

2. Dwelling on how terrible physics is does not make it any better. I don't know why I do this, but every time I seem to want to have a pity party, I call my daddy. He is the one person that I shouldn't call, because he NEVER joins in on the party with me. He always comes to ruin it with his positive attitude. Yes, it's a good thing, but I definitely do not appreciate it at the moment. He kept reminding me of how this was a summer of perserverance and this was just a test of it. Geez, dad, way to join in on the party. Even though I had absolutely NO desire to listen to what he had to say at the moment, I listened. The next day Jesus got me good. Blake, one of the campus ministers here at ECU, was preaching on walking in the Spirit. Then he talked about how negativity is not a good thing (yes, I knew that, but I needed to hear it again. When I get a negative attitude, I can find about a million ways to justify it), and you can't have a negative attitude while walking in the Spirit. Therefore, if I want to walk in it, I better check my attitude. :) Thanks Jesus... and daddy.

3. I am in love. Yes, I said it! I'm in love... with LES MILLS (Body Attack, Body Pump)! This program is amazing! (Yes...AMAZING)!! I have been anti-group fitness classes since I've gotten involved with fitness. As a part of my major, I'm required to take a group fitness class. I decided to get it out of the way over the summer since it's something that I didn't really want to do. I started taking it and now I can't wait to go every morning! I've met a great group of girls in my class and we've decided to go together all through out the school year next year! It's nice meeting other people in my major that share the same passions as I do. If you have a gym in your area that offers Les Mill's programs, I challenge you to take one of their classes! It will push you hard!

I am about to start training for something that I never thought I would do. Dash For Divas Sprint Triathalon. If you would've told me that I'd be training for a mini-tri in high school...I would've laughed in your face! Needless to say, I am so excited about starting this training! I'm in the process of finding a Bible verse to dwell on while training for this. I want this to be an act of worship and being thankful for the ability that God has given me. I think it will be easier to memorize scripture if I can apply it to the things I'm passionate about. So instead of going into workouts with nothing on my brain, or with dwelling on how many calories I'll burn.... I'd like to focus on a verse. Thinking of the one who is allowing me to have the ability to do this. I want to take Jesus with me everywhere... I bet He makes a great workout buddy. Seriously, I can't wait to take Body Attack in heaven... it's gonna be awesome.