Sunday, September 12, 2010

oh, how I love my roommates!

"Sarah, you know of Reggie Bush, he's a NASCAR driver, right?" haha :)

So my roommates and I are very different Some know who Reggie Bush is, some do not. I laughed at this question for days! God really knew what He was doing when He gave me my awesome roommates! We have a clean freak, health freak, singing freak and just a freak. We do have one thing in common, though, our love for God and our love for the wonderful place we live!

I also have awesome neighbors! There are some girls that also live in my building that go to my campus ministry and we all went to the first home football game last week. It was such a good time! It was a last minute win in our newly renovated stadium and the fans went crazy! Our school even made the number one play on ESPN's Top 10! It was a great day to be a part of Pirate Nation!! Yesterday was our second home game and our second win of the season! I love being a pirate and am proud of my team! Now it's time today to watch my Panthers kick some butt!!

Update on my current training program: my workout partner is the greatest ever! She was a competition cheerleader in high school. She is ridiculously strong! Way stronger than I have ever been, so I try to keep up with her! I love it! Her and I both push each other hard and we wake up sore every other morning because of it. Even though days seem shorter in college and they're packed with stress, a good workout helps me manage my stress so much better!

Lately, I have had another challenge thrown at me. When I am not in class, I'm studying. When I'm not studying, I'm working out. When I'm not working out, I'm at home recovering from my day because I'm exhausted. It leaves very little energy or inspiration to pick up the Word and read it. I get so frustrated (perfectionist mentality, I'm working on it every day), because I want to be able to study it and soak it up. In reality, I just cannot do that at this point in my life and I truly believe that God understands that. I have 2 different short devotionals that I go through each day and then read a few chapters in the Word. I'm actually almost done with the whole new testament which is awesome! When I'm driving down the road, I blast worship music in the speakers. I have learned that it is about asking God to be with you every minute of every single day. I want to be in His presence constantly. Knowing that He is there at all times is the most comforting thing to me. I am never alone. I do not have to be a Bible scholar to have any more of His presence throughout the day. Thank you, Lord, for meeting me at every place I am in life. I challenge you, ask Him to meet you wherever you are. He wants to be with you and He desires that you want Him.

"I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in." -Philippians 4:11