Thursday, June 10, 2010

trying to keep it up...

The body for life plan is still going strong! 5 days in and I feel incredible!! Sorry I haven't been updating, but my schedule has ended up being a lot more demanding than planned. I will try to update at least once a week to keep everyone up to date on what's going on!
If you're still sticking exercise out, good for you! Keep it up!! I want you to accomplish all of your goals! If you ever have a question, just leave a comment and i'll get back to you! :)
Good luck! I'll update soon!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

just when i thought i was educated...

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
-2 Cor. 3:17

I have learned a whole lot of stuff in the past 4 days that I never knew about fitness. Some things that I had believed for a while ended up being proved false. It's been quite a learning experience, but I've really enjoyed it. I started reading a lot of exercise information by Bill Phillips. He's the creator of the Body for Life program. I shocked myself when I said this at first, but this guy makes Jillian Michaels workouts and nutrition look easy! Jillian is a lot more hard-core and getting things done a lot faster, but does not really give a lot of advice on how to stay fit once you get there. Bill Phillips is all about being healthy for the rest of your life. His programs are slow and steady. Which is a huge test to my patience, but I am enjoying it so far!
I've been working on his body for life program for 2 days and am feeling more sore and energized than I ever did with Jillian. (please know I highly respect Jillian, she is one of my heroes). I am one of those people that wants to help others be healthy forever, not just shed a few pounds and leave it at that.
Yesterday was my first day in this Body for Life challenge, I've almost finished the entire book and have started the success journal. Upper body workouts was a part of day 1. I'm not used to working out the entire upper body in one day, so it was definitely a challenge. I'm feeling a good soreness and felt great going into day 2. Lifting during this program is in stages. You do 1 exercise per body part 4 times with different amounts of weight. You have a "warm up round" with a level 5 intensity (the intensity stages go 1-10). Then you move up from there, without exceeding a level 8. Then you get to what's called a "high point set" meaning you gotta give it everything you got. Convince yourself that you can lift a weight 12 times when you're mind is telling you that you can only lift is 8 times. Talk about working out your mental health. I struggled, but felt very accomplished in the end.
Also, no calorie counting with this one. You go by serving sizes. Just need the size of your palm and the size of your first and you're good to go!
I absolutely love the nutrition part of this program! 6 small meals a day. 4 meals is a protein and a complex carb and 2 meals is a protein, complex carb and a vegetable. I have learned that when I'm not thirsty, I really am, as I am supposed to get down 10 glasses of water a day. For those of you that know me, you know I struggle drinking water. It's not that I don't like it, I just never feel thirsty. I'm lucky to get a bottle of water in a day. Then there is the beloved "off day." Oh my, how I love off days. Being able to eat whatever you want. I didn't learn the significance of an "off day" until this past weekend. When you finally start getting your nutrition under control. For psychological and metabolical purposes, it's essential to have an off day. It first off helps you fill your craving so you don't go insane and it jumps your metabolism by making it work a bit harder. You're body doesn't know what to do with the junk that you're putting in it, so it passes it right along without doing anything with it.
I recommend every body to take a stab at this, but if it's not something that is practical for you, then keep looking. Make it fun!
I feel a lot more "free" now that I'm not tied down by a bunch of rules. I caught myself stressing out about it, and that's not what this should be about. My desire is to be healthy and feel healthy, that's what I want everyone to do. Which is part of the reason I'm sharing my experiences with you.

God is doing some amazing things! I feel as though a lot of people are on the verge of break through. I believe that there is freedom in Christ. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Cast all your cares upon Him. If there is something that you're truly believing God for, then ask Him. Believe it with your whole heart and seek whole-heartedly after Him! I believe blessings are about to rain down on people who have been seeking break through!

My dad, brother, uncle and some other guys from my church are in the Dominican Republic right now doing some construction work as a mission trip. I am excited to hear all about the trip when they get back. If you would keep them in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's hard-core now!

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.
But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.
He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."
-Psalm 1:1-3

So memorial day weekend is really great and all, but my gosh it's hard to stick to your diet. I went to visit my lovely friends from college since I do not get to see them over the summer earlier this week! It was so great to see them again! The only challenging part of the two days that I was gone was that I ate out every single meal. Talk about tough stuff! I automatically chose salads, but there's a lot to consider when you order a salad. Like: what do they marinate the chicken (or other type of meat in)? How much cheese is on it, how much dressing did they put on it...ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get dressing on the side. I think I did ok, but I still felt sick after eating out all those meals.

I finally started back at my gym this morning, which was extremely nice to see familiar faces once again. I found a more practical plan that I'm tweaking a bit to fit for me. I recommend Body for Life. The nutrition is so much more practical than Jillian Michaels, (Sorry Jillian, you're still my hero, though)! :) Now, the nutrition isn't the most exciting... but hey, when it comes to nutrition, most people's motto should be "The blander the better"!! :) It calls for a lot of lean protein, a lot of vegetables and good complex carbohydrates. Once you get the ball rolling and can model out what you want for yourself, you don't necessarily have to follow a written book. I just do it for fun sometimes, to experiment so I can form an opinion. (yes, I know, it's weird). Most of the time, I read fitness and nutrition books for knowledge, i don't even do what half of them say. It's just a fun thing to learn.

I really feel like God has been moving lately. What is he doing? I have no idea. I feel like this is a time of preparation for something big. Sometimes I put God into a box, actually most of the time I do. I truly believe that God is going to do things in my life that are surprising, but in a good way, of course. I challenge you to let God help your faith grow. Believe for the impossible. Believe for healing. Believe that He will prosper you, because He will! We also must remember that God's plan for us is better than any plan that we could imagine for ourselves. We really don't give God enough credit sometimes, even though He assures us that He has everything in control. I used to be quite the worrier. I would worry when I didn't have anything to worry about. God is slowly healing me of that, and let me tell you, life is a lot more smooth and relaxing when you cast all of Your worries and burdens on Him. Let Him mold you into who He wants you to be!