Saturday, October 12, 2013

Believing God

It's easy to believe and trust God when things are just fine and dandy in life, but we tend to not feel that way when the boat starts to rock.

Maybe a job fell through, you made a costly mistake, your child didn't get that scholarship you were counting on, the government shuts down, the doctor's report wasn't what you expected, you're facing divorce, you missed that deadline at work. The list goes on and on.

I am the queen of being confident that God is in control when things are good, orderly, predictable, and safe. Then the boat starts to rock and I start to get a little seasick. That God that was good and in control five minutes before I started thinking of jumping shift is now all of a sudden being questioned. Do I really believe He's in control?

It pretty much comes down to this: not only am I letting my circumstances dictate my joy BUT I am also only choosing to have joy when things are going my way. How selfish!

In less than six months, I am going to be receiving a heavenly wake up call by making a covenant between Browning and God that basically means I will sacrifice and selflessly love my husband.

Hmm...selfless. That's a new word to add to my vocabulary.

I challenge you, along with myself, to really sit back and reflect. Are you one who lets your circumstances dictate your joy? Or do you truly praise the Lord through every trial and mountain top experience? If you are one of these people, let's be friends! I've heard from a few people that I am quite coachable! ;)


Today I'm praying that you will look to Christ through whatever you may be facing. You may be facing something pretty major or you may think what you're facing is silly and you can't quite figure out why you're concerned about it. It's okay! God is a great listener and He cares for you no matter how ridiculous you may feel.

Father, I thank you that You're a good God who is always in control, even when we may not feel that way all the time. Help us to find joy in all circumstances we face and to turn our eyes away from ourselves by looking to You to see what You are doing. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving our side! Amen.

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